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On our mission to find new interesting places in the net we usually search many hours a day without finding anything. But today it's different. Today we recommend a website called "closed files". A site created and maintained by some networking journalists intending the investigation of strange and mysterious stories from all over the world. You might say: "What's the new about that. Sounds like Yahoo OMG! to me". But C.d.N wouldn't link to OMG! closed files delivers more than the usual "conspiracy-theory-journalism" because their editors respecting the facts and that can be easily found out by reading their closely researched articles. Therefore we publish a link to "closed files" and wish them many more good stories like "The Monster of Bajo Baudo": "closed files"  

Staten Mall reopened

The picture shows the building of Staten Mall
Staten Mall

New Staten Mall is open to customers again after 2 months of renovation. On January 15th, 2012 the Mall celebrated the Reopening with many guests and a Rockband. This year is also the 10th anniversary of Staten Mall, that's why the party was much bigger than usually on occasions like a reopening.

Michael Rosenberg, the new manager of Staten Mall, said in his address that he was very proud to lead one of the oldest Online Shopping Malls in the State of New York. Although the circumstances for retailers in the U.S. were not easy in these days. "Our strength is the global strategy of Staten Mall. We serve customers in the neighbourhood as well as customers from abroad like Japan or Europe",  said Rosenberg.

"The Restucturing was neccessary because like the needs of our customers are changing, we have to change us too", Rosenburg explained. After his address the guests were led through the building and I agree with Mr Rosenberg. The new Staten Mall is a pleasant, different experience to me. Let us see how the customers respond to it. 02-08-2012 coupdenet   

The net decides

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News are more important to us now than they were a few years ago. Everyone of us has experienced situations when a new fact changed the whole circumstances, even the personal view on the situation. Those incidents are much more often today, while nearly 50 % of the people have internet-capable cellphones. 

In addition to that the transportation of news has totally changed. What are news in general? Commonly spoken are news information, that means data, related to time. Information was never as fast as it is today for two reasons: 1. The development of microelectronic hard- and netware. 2. The social behaviour of the users.

This means the quantity of information which could be called news increased rapidly during the last years. Quantity does not imply quality. Therefore CDN recommends a website called "". The user gets just in time information and links from selected sources. We think this site is a very helpful tool for people who want to or have to get informed quickly. ensures Independence by the multilingual selection of their news-sources. 02-09-2012 coupdenet  

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